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Maryam Ghadiri
PhD student
195 Masteller Street
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Purdue University
email: ghadiry85@gmail.com


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Working with children and teaching them about environment and the beauty of nature is my dream job. Currently, I am a PhD student with Dr. Bryan Pijanowski at Purdue. Having a background in ecology and wildlife conservation, one of my greatest enthusiasms is teaching children the importance of environmental education specifically soundscape. By focusing on informal learning approaches, YELLs (Your Ecosystem Listening Labs), I would like to promote the appreciation of nature and sense of place for middle school students with these indoor and outdoor activities. I am eager to explore how we can go beyond just awareness and motivate students to take an action. As a painter, I see the world in colors and I want to develop curriculum that is connected with art and hands-on activities to motivate students to create things. The curriculum I am designing will center around my interest in knowing students’ conceptions and misconceptions of sound, nature and animals, so I can design better educational materials for soundscape ecology. Visually impaired students are another group of my interest as they are good listener and can be great




Conservation biology


Environmental education for K12


Curriculum Design


Environmental Psychology


Conservation education through Citizen Science


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Perkins school for the blind: three days of class and activities around soundscape ecology for visually impaired studuents


YELLs (Your Ecosystem Listening Labs): development of outdoor and indoor labs for kids about soundscape ecology


Junior Nature Club of Audoban Society, educator to youth about environmental topics through presentation, hands-on activities and field trips


Women in engineering Club at Purdue, teaching students about environmental challenges in in national and international level


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Khanaposhtani, Maryam Ghadiri, et al. "Effect of habitat complexity on richness, abundance and distributional pattern of forest birds." Environmental management 50.2 (2012): 296-303.


Khanaposhtani, Maryam Ghadiri, et al. "Effects of Logged and Unlogged Forest Patches on Avifaunal Diversity." Environmental management 51.3 (2013): 750-758.


Khanaposhtani, Maryam Ghadiri, et al. "Habitat requirements of the Black Woodpecker, Dryocopus martius, in Hyrcanian forests, Iran: (Aves: Picidae)."Zoology in the Middle East 55.1 (2012): 19-25.


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US-IALE Annual Symposium, Anchorage, USA. Oral presentation.
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Villanueva-Rivera, L.J; Jung, J; Pijanowski, B.C.


Purdue University Chapter The Society of Sigma Xi. The Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (OIGP). Poster presentation.
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Villanueva-Rivera, L.J; Jung, J; Pijanowski, B.C.


Forestry and natural resources Symposium. Poster.
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Villanueva-Rivera, L.J; Jung, J; Pijanowski, B.C.


SoundScienceEnvironment 2014, University of Pensstate. Oral presentation.

Acoustic and Bird Diversity Modeled with Highway Noise and Habitat Structure Extracted from LiDAR
MaryAm Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, Luis J. Villanueva-Rivera, Jinha Jung, Bryan B. Pijanowski




Master Naturalists in Indiana, Presentation (Soundscape, Deep Voice of Nature...)
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Shepardson, D; Pijanowski, B.C.


Capturing resilience, ESE Symposium Poster presentation (Soundscape and STEM education in K-12)
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Shepardson, D; Pijanowski, B.C.


SONORAN DESERT GSSN WORKSHOP, Tuscan, AZ. Presentation (Soundscape Education & Next generation K-12 Science Standards)
Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M, Shepardson, D; Pijanowski, B.C.



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Being in a field of ecology, I have the advantage of having many filed trip. Some were related to my study and some of them for helping friend to collect data.


United States of America, Maine, April 2014. NSF grant.


Automatic recorder deployment to study tidal dynamic impact on soundscape diversity in the Wells Reserve on 11 sites in order .


Hyrcannian Deciduous Forest in the border of Caspian Sea in Iran, 2009-2010


During my master I had many trips to the Hyrcannian Forest to work on bird community there and find out the effect of harvest on their richness and abundance)


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UNICEF club at Purdue, President_From April 2014


Working with Iranian Cultural Club (ICC) at Purdue, Vice president- 2012-current


Volunteer job in International Center (IC) at Purdue to teach French, February-March 2014


Presentation at Global Café about historical sustainable method in building in Iran


Wabash River sampling Blitz, April 19, 2013


The Armchair Traveler, having presentation about Iran, September 20th, 2012


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Painting (I am amazed by abstract painting, by the beauty of nature in different colors)




Writing (I used to be a environmental journalist for Greenpress.ir and also write stories and environmental activities for children journal… I still feel the need to write for them and simplify the complex ecological subject through storytelling or fun games)


Cooking (the only thing that can help me to express my feeling after a long day work in the lab is cooking food especially Mediterranean dish!)




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